A micro-log service that helps you track the things most important to you.


We are a micro-log service. A simple way to track the things in your life you find worthy of tracking. The goal, to empower you to make smarter decisions by tracking the things most important to you and your loved ones. We're especially focused on eco friendly endeavors. The farmers, gardeners, permaculture, pond and garden, and other areas that need a killer way to track the most important things in their lives.


Can't remember what you did last year to grow such a killer garden? Neither can we. How about the work you did on your house that improves the property value. It is things like these that the LogVine micro-log service was built to track. You might have tracked your car's oil change in a logbook or perhaps you never did. LogVine is here to help you replace that old logbook.


Sign Up for FREE, and use our web application or download our free iOS application to start logging your life. LogVine